Do the clothes define the woman?  Women always make the clothes.  A woman uses her wardrobe to express who she is!  Clothing is a tool.  Women who understand this and use this tool always look more interesting.  The best starting point is… understanding who you are.  It is necessary to define yourself to yourself.  

             TAKE THE TEST

                                  1. Define yourself in 20 single words.

                                  2. Categorize them for self analysis.

                                  3. Analyze:

                                           a. Who is this person?

                                           b. What are their talents?

                                           c. What are their pitfalls?

                                           d. Where would these talents be suited?

                                           e. How can one delete the pitfalls?

I came up with this test as an answer to the repeatedly asked question, “how can I get Style?”  As I found difficulty in answering this question, I filed it in my mind and finally the answer emerged as the test DEFINE YOURSELF.

After completing the Patricia Field Styling Test, the results which you can post here, and coming to new insights and new conclusions, I welcome your feedback.  

Patricia Field 


As I thought more about my test, I came up with some edits and additions.

Let’s think of it as an Exercise/Test.

To be fancy about it, we can also call it an experience in “auto analysis”.

Take your time! start it, think about it, revisit it!

You may want to add or edit.

If you do…you may explore the unexplored dimensions of yourself.