During Madonna’s performance of her 2012 World Tour to promote her latest CD, MDNA at Madison Square Garden this past year, one of our spies discovered…….. 



She is selling exact replicas of our VOGUE hat as part of her tour merchandise!!!!   

Ok, we don’t really have spies, you guys. 

Our own Patricia Field stylist, Hiraku, designed the snap back and we sell it as a t-shirt, headband and a beanie as well.  They’ve been going like hotcakes here at the store and have become a staple of the Patricia Field brand this year.  We get requests to send them to clients everywhere worldwide and people ask for them by name when they come into the store…

I don’t really have anything else to say but…

Madonna is a thief! Do you really need an extra few thousand dollars? Shame, shame for stealing from those that inspire you!

There, I said it. 

I don’t know, what do you guys think?  Are we right to be offended by this, or should we just forget about it and move on?

Written by Andy 

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    stop bitching pussies. Everyone copies everyone, there’s no originality nowadays, just some people do it better and...
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  4. willambelli said: Dude she stole her whole Vogue act to begin with from Michelle Visage. Dancers, look, kneepads and all. nothing new. WILLAM
  5. strictlyshampain said: You most definitely have a right to be offended!
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